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Colgate People
Keeping Colgate People and Their Families Healthy

In addition to providing a safe and healthy work environment, Colgate strives to offer primary health care and a comprehensive wellness program to all employees and their families. In many countries, the Company keeps a physician or nurse on staff; in other countries, Colgate employs outside medical services.


Because countries around the world have different health systems, Colgate's wellness programs vary. In many Latin-American countries, such as Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela, Colgate offers annual checkups, medical evaluations, nutritional advice, stress management and psychological counseling to workers, their families and in some cases, even independent contractors. Colgate conducts workshops and posts articles on its intranet on nutrition, HIV, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and other health-related topics.

In Ecuador, a "360 degree Integral Health" program focuses on "mind, body and spirit;" in Brazil, the company encourages fitness; while in Mexico, flu vaccines are offered to all employees. The Company also offers preventative medical education through an annual employee health week, which promotes healthy living in a fun and informal way.

Colgate also sponsors health workshops to promote health and hygiene in a number of countries around the globe. For example, in Guangzhou, China, visiting physicians teach Colgate people about women's health, oral care, disease prevention and other related topics. Also in Guangzhou, a one-day free dental check was provided to employees, a benefit that is not common in China.

In Chile, a monthly health workshop is given to employees. Topics are selected because of their relevance to the country's needs. Since heart disease is a leading cause of death in Chile, one month's topic focused on the topic, followed by an optional medical assessment of an individual's risk. To help Colgate people lower their risk profile, discounted gym memberships were offered.

In the U.S., a Colgate program educates employees on maintaining good health and nutrition. It includes innovative approaches to total health management including workshops on meditation and steps that can be taken to avoid illness, disability and premature death through cardiovascular, diabetes and cancer screenings. Existing programs are being incorporated into this new initiative, such as one that provides counseling via Guidance Resources, and another that gives Colgate people access to health information online and in newsletters mailed to their homes. In addition, sites in the U.S. have set up personal program rooms, where individuals can do yoga, check their blood pressure and weight and get information on eating right and staying healthy.

At Hill's in the U.S., the company supports and promotes the ongoing use of wellness resources to help people optimize their health in four key areas: encouraging regular health assessments by medical professionals, healthy nutrition habits, fitness and work/life balance.


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