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Concern for Animal Welfare

Colgate remains steadfast in its goal to meet safety requirements, whenever possible, through the use of existing data so that humans and animals are not put at risk. Since 2004, more than 99 percent of all internal requests for product safety assessment have been addressed using non-animal alternatives or existing databases. Animal testing is conducted only when all other options have been exhausted.

For Colgate's consumer products all required animal testing is conducted at outside laboratories under Colgate supervision using a minimum number of animals. We have stringent guidelines for evaluating testing facilities and reviewing animal research proposals.

In 1997, Colgate instituted a policy requiring senior management to approve all animal testing for any country requiring the testing. Additionally, since 1999, Colgate has voluntarily suspended all animal testing in the adult Personal Care Product category. In other product categories, there may be situations when safety demonstrations are needed and no scientifically approved alternative to animal testing exists. We are working with other companies and organizations that share our goals to bring our scientifically researched alternatives to animal testing to the attention of government regulators to urge their approval. For example, we are working with European cosmetic manufacturers to develop procedures for evaluating alternative eye irritation tests acceptable to European Community regulators. As long as nine years ago, we partnered with the International Life Sciences Institute to support progression of alternatives. We have also created our own research initiatives with the Institute for In-Vitro Sciences and we have served as a member of their Advisory Committee. In addition, Colgate has been a major financial sponsor of the World Congress on Alternatives since its inception.

Our broad program includes sponsoring two-year post-doctoral fellowships to support research into testing alternatives, which started in 1982. We also sponsor visiting professorships and student internships in In-Vitro Toxicology, which study alternatives to the use of animals in toxicology testing. Recently Colgate has expanded this funding program to now offer grants to support research which could lead to alternatives to the use of animals in research and testing. More information and a summary of our policy in this area is available in our Product Safety Research Policy, which is available upon request from Consumer Affairs.

At Hill's Pet Nutrition, we support only the responsible, caring and humane treatment of pets. All cats and dogs cared for by Hill's Pet Nutrition live in a loving, safe and clean environment. We use only non-invasive and humane research methods needed to create nutritional technology so that dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives. As a result, our breakthroughs in pet nutrition are unrivaled in the pet care industry. We have built our reputation as a company with the highest ethical standards, a reputation that we take pride in and are committed to uphold. All studies conducted at Hill's conform to a stringent set of policies to ensure exceptional pet care. Read more about Hill's.

Concern for Animal Welfare

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